Friday, December 9, 2011

Chausie Picture

A beautiful cat and picture by the well known, American, professional cat photographer Helmi Flick. This a show cat. The Chausie is a purebred cat. The breed is relatively rare it seems to me. It is a wildcat hybrid. The better known wild cat hybrids are the popular Savannah and Bengal cats. The wildcat parent of the Chausie is the jungle cat. The jungle cat looks like a wild domestic cat. All wildcat hybrids are intelligent and active. The more wildcat blood in them (higher filial) the more wildcat they are, of course. The higher filial wildcats will be larger too. The Chausie has a ticked tabby coat - see the "M" on the forehead and the banded tail with black tip. This is a solid, large looking cat. You'll need to provide plenty of input as a cat caretaker and have the right expectations about this cat's behavior before adopting. Helmi and Ken Flick kept an F1 Chausie for a while. See what they say about this cat breed.

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