Thursday, December 1, 2011

Himalayan Cat Personality

Most Himalayan cats are laid back and undemanding. They are generally happiest lounging around. That is why they are sometimes referred to a cat furniture. But to be realistic, you have to factor in individual cat characteristics as well. Not all cats of a certain breed possess the same personality traits.

Also we should recognise that the Himalayan is a pointed Persian and therefore when describing Himalayan cat personality we are also describing the personality of the Persian and the Exotic Shorthair (a shorthaired Persian).

Flat faced Himalayan - pointed Persian - Photo by woofiegrrl

These three cat breeds are not designed to be the most agile of all the cat breeds as they are cobby and have short, heavy boned legs. The Himalayan likes to feel secure in their environment and so can be a little nervous. I hope that is a fair comment. Ideally you need to provide them with routine and a feeling of serenity and security4.

Persians are considered to be relatively quiet and inactive, docile and gentle. They adjust well to new surroundings, it is said.1

Dr. Fogle describes the Himalayan cat personality as calm and friendly.3

All the above traits are confirmed by Dr Ross Clarke who also says that this cat breed is playful and undemanding.2

You can see the extreme breeding in the photograph of the modern Himalayan on this page. It is not unreasonable to presume that this unnatural head shape causes some discomfort sometimes, which in turn may have a negative impact on the Himalayan cat personality.


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