Friday, December 16, 2011

Kinkalow Cat Picture

Kinkalow Dwarf Cat - Photo copyright Helmi Flick

The Kinkalow is a hybrid purebred cat resulting from a mating between the founding dwarf cat, the Munchkin and an American Curl. It is still a rare cat breed. The above picture shows "Tortaleena Feisty". She must be a feisty girl, I guess.  Dwarf cats are very good at taking up the meerkat position as far as I remember. This may be a form of compensation for the slight lack of height when the cat is on all fours. You can read about how the founder of the breed, came about naming this cat a "Kinkalow". I am sure the naming of cat breed is a big step. Read more about this cat breed. Note: you probably know this but a dwarf cat is a noremal  sized cat with short legs. All the dwarf cats have normal body conformations too meaning they are neither slender (foreign) or stocky (cobby).

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