Monday, December 19, 2011

LaPerm Cat Picture

LaPerm Cat - Photograph copyright Helmi Flick

The LaPerm cat is one of the rex cats (curly haired cats). The Brits can lay claim to the Devon and Cornish Rexs, both named after counties in the south west of the England. The LaPerm is all American and the name is a combination of the convention of Chinook native Americans using French "le" and "la" before words plus the fact that this cat looks like a bad hairdo! You know, the perms (or permanents) that some women like.

I think the LaPerm is better than the other curly coated cats. You will see them in semi-long and shorthair. The breed started in 1982. This is a slightly slender cat breed with a long neck. Like all curly haired cats the coat can become thin or bald at some stage. However, the coat comes back. Apparently, you should be cautious deciding whether a kitten has the curly coat as straight-haired kittens can develop the curly coat after an episode of a thin coat. They are quiet cats and considered low maintenance. Read more...

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