Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Miniature Cat Picture

Scooter - A miniature chinchilla traditional Persian cat - Photo: copyright Pocket Kittys.

A nice picture of a really cute miniature cat. His name is Scooter and he is a traditional Persian cat. The picture is published here under license from the breeder: Pocket Kittys. My research indicates that they are the number one breeder. It seems that the traditional Persian is the cat breed that is most often or always selectively bred small. Which leads me to say that miniature cats are not a breed of cat. They are simply small cats weighing about 3-5lbs. Although as mentioned the miniature cats that I see are traditional, doll face, Persians, there is no reason why any breed of cat cannot be miniaturized. Also the coat type that is perhaps suited to this type of cat is the chinchilla which you see in the picture above. Read about chinchilla Persians. These are rare cats and the price is accordingly high. Read and see more...

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  1. Lovely photo...Super cute and remind me of the nestling doll
    miniature cats