Friday, December 23, 2011

Nebelung Cat Picture

Nebelung cat - Photo copyright Anke Zekveld

This beautiful, rare and blue cat, above, has the title: International Champion Aleksandr van Song de Chin. This cat is rare because my research indicates that and Helmi Flick was unable to produce a picture of this cat from her library (2008). Things may have changed but it means that this breed is not often seen at cat shows in the USA as Helmi takes a lot of her studio photographs at cat shows. The Nebelung is a semi-long haired Russian Blue. Since 1987 when TICA approved the Nebelung the appearance of the Russian Blue appears to have diverged from the Nebelung. The origin of the name is interesting. Nebelung means "mist-creature" or "creature of the mist" in German. This is a reference to the coat the guard hairs of which reflect light in a misty way. Apparently over 100 years ago the long haired Russian Blues were shown at cat shows. Then the Nebelung dissapeared until revived later in the 20th century. Read more about this cat and see more Nebelung cat pictures.

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