Monday, January 2, 2012

Tiffany (Chantilly) Cat Picture

This is a Tiffany (Chantilly) cat picture by the cat's companion (Marianne) who kindly agreed to let me publish her photograph. Please ask her if you would like to do the same thing. The Tiffany is a fine looking purebred cat but also a highly confusing cat! There are numerous similar names to the "Tiffany" that relate to other cat breeds, which makes it almost impossible to understand what name describes what cat. The differences come about because different cat associations in different countries have their own ideas. Fair enough, but I'd like to see some global cat fancy rationalization, please. This page clears up the confusion thanks to Tatiana Lenton of Kaamari Katz.

The classic Tiffany color is chocolate but there are others such as blue and lilac. I prefer the chocolate. This has to be a rare cat because Helmi Flick one of the world's premier cat photographers has not been commissioned to photograph one (as far as I am aware) and she sees an awful lot of purebred cats. On my page on the rare cat breeds I assess this cat as extremely rare. The origins of this cat breed are disputed. I favor the "created hybrid" rather than the "discovered cat" theory of origin. Read more if you wish...

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