Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Love Cats eHarmony Video

A lot of people say they love the cats eharmony video.  What they are referring to is the video of a fictional young lady called Debbie crying over her love of cats. The video went viral and changed the life of the real-life person who performed this at 2 in the morning in her home.  Her name is Hartmann.

This video explains what happened.  What she said in the video is also transformed into a funky sort of song which you can see a second video on this page.


She says that she fooled 27,000,000 people by which he means that most people who watched the video actually believed that her name was really Debbie and that she was both intelligent and crazy about cats and presented this very soft and endearing and for some people charming personality to the public. I'm sure there were a lot of young men who wanted to go out with her on a date as a result of this video. You will see that, as mentioned, the video changed her life as it lead to employment together with a certain amount of celebrity which every young person today craves.

This is the songify version:

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