Friday, July 11, 2014

New Zealand: Cat Food Manufacturers In Catfight!

Nestlé, which sells Purina and Friskies cat food products is fighting with Mars, which makes Whiskas cat food products.  They are doing this fighting in the New Zealand High Court.

Firstly, it is rather ironic that pet food manufacturers are fighting over the quality of their products because it is far more commonplace for consumers to be criticising petfood manufacturers about the quality of their products particularly dry cat food, over which the current argument is taking place.

Whiskas dry cat food is stated by Mars to have the highest protein levels of all the dry cat food that is sold in New Zealand.  Nestlé states that the claim is misleading because this cat food product has only above average levels of protein which is in fact stated in small print on the packaging. That is their claim and allegation. Mars stands by their promotion.

Both of these multinational companies miss the point altogether namely that the dry cat food products which they manufacture are far too high in carbohydrates which makes the food inherently unsuitable for the domestic cat.  This product is claimed to lead to feline diabetes, urinary tract infections and a permanent state of mild dehydration.

These companies should not be bickering about how much protein is in their dry cat food.  They should be focusing all their energies on dramatically improving their product.  It is outrageous and negligent for these multinational companies to consistently manufacture products used by millions of cat owners which are inherently unsuited to cats but which are highly suited, by reason of convenience, for the owners.


  1. I Know nothing about this. Coming from New Zealand. I use these products for my Cats.

    1. A behind the scenes dog fight fight! between 2 big companies. They are both wrong.

    2. It seems that way MIchael. Its terrible really. Wouldnt they be better to make their product better.

    3. Absolutely but they focus on profits like the manufacturers of human food do and human food contains too much sugar which is we there is a type 2 diabetes epidemic. It contains a lot of sugar to make it taste better and make peope addicted to it.