Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tortoiseshell Cats Video

Here is a Tortoiseshell Cats Video that I think I need to spread around a bit. It is one I made some time ago but I think it is really good because the photos are by the very talented and respected Helmi Flick. The best cat photographer in the world - oh yes it's true.

I think the music goes well with the cats and I don't know why. It just feels right for some reason. There are quite a range of tortie cats (it's much easier to type "tortie" than the full word!).

If you take into consideration the tortie pointed cats the range is vast. You can see a torbie pointed Persian in the video. You can read about and see torbie, tortie and torbie/tortie and white cats here:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

F1 Savannah Cat TITAN

I also can't resist showing a video of an F1 male named TITAN. He is going shopping with his human companion. And as can only be expected most of shop comes to a stand still. Well not quite but walking a fantastic cat like this on a lead in a store is pretty well bound to make other shoppers stop and ask and talk.

TITAN, then, is a great way to meet people. Probably the best way! And I think that for a cat like TITAN (who is still growing by the way) it is a perfect way to both satisfy his need to be stimulated and to do it in a safe way.

It seems to be winning way all round. You can see lots more videos of cats on my YouTube channel: Broadsurf. Also see Savannah cats generally.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A1 Savannahs F1 Savannah Cat MAGIC

A1 Savannahs F1 Savannah Cat MAGIC - this is the cat everyone is or should be talking about! I mean when did you see a domestic cat like this? This cat is probably the biggest and most glamorous domestic cat anywhere. MAGIC is magic and a female Savannah cat who has a Serval for a father and a Savannah cat for a mother. She is 2 years old at the time the video was made (early Sept 2009) and is spayed. You can see the video in large format here: F1 Savannah Cat Magic.

Not only is she glamorous she is very exotic, a heady combination of wildcat, domestic cat, wild spirit, passiveness, gentleness, energy, and perfect socialization. Look how she accepts all the handling by Kathrin Stucki's young daughter. MAGIC now resides at Bellina Gattini Cattery which is owned by Kimberly and Lee Draper.

I can't help making posts about this cat. She is certainly the most impressive domestic cat I have seen except for Motzie of course. You can see Motzie an F2 Savannah cat of great fame at the top of this page: Savannah Cat, and on this page: MOTZIE

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