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Three Legged Cat

I gotta talk about my three legged cat, Charlie. I made a post about him before but I know more about him now so would like to talk a bit more. He used to live with my mother but she died recently. I did not plan to take him in, actually, but when I went to my Mum's house to collect a few mementos I saw Charlie. I realised that he had been alone for a while already because my Mum had been in hospital for two weeks or more before she died and it was week after that. A person had been feeding him but he must have been well confused by that time. Totally on the spur of the moment I felt a need to take him home. And I knew it would be a big problem because: I live with an old female cat already I feed and care for a stray boy cat as well. He comes in regularly and likes (liked!) to stay. I live in a smallish flat but it is on the ground floor (I think we are going to have to move!) Anyway we grabbed Charlie and stuffed him (literally) into a cat carrier that was lying around. My mother