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Cat Sounds and Communication

How far can and do we go when communicating with our cat? People who are not cat lovers or who dislike cats, and therefore have little or a distorted knowledge of cats, would argue that you can't communicate at all with cats. Those of us who have lived with cats for years and spent endless hours communicating with our cat companions, know better, don't we? But it is quite interesting trying to analyze how far we can go in our communication. Some forms of cat to human communication are obvious. The most common is when our cat reminds us that it is time for dinner, or breakfast etc. They meow at us in varying degrees of politeness and/or frustration. If we ignore them, the amplitude goes up. There is no doubt that a cat expresses his or her emotions through their voice. I believe that the area of cat to human communication is a developing one in two senses. Cats are learning to communicate with us, their surrogate mothers. They rarely meow to each other. This is an evol