Sunday, July 13, 2014

Almost 60% of Swedes Prefer Dogs

In a study carried out by the Swedish insurance company Folksam, it was found that 58% of the 2,000 people taking part in the study had a preference for dogs. 

The figure is boosted by the fact that people in an older category, namely aged 56 to 79, preferred dogs even more.  63% of people in this category preferred dogs.

In the 14 to 35 age category 50% of people preferred dogs so it becomes a 50/50 split in this younger age category.

Even 55% of women preferred dogs while 60% of men preferred dogs. This would seem to go against the general trend in North America where there is certainly a preponderance of women who prefer cats.

The president of the Swedish kennel club says that dog people tend to prefer being outdoors which indicates to me that the Swedish spend more time outdoors then North Americans but that is a rather rash thing to say and may well not be true.

It is difficult to explain the Swedes' preference for dogs. I think the key factor is that more Swedish women preferred dogs which as mention goes against the grain so any assessment as to why the Swedish preferred dogs would have to look at that aspect of the survey I believe. In a crude sense it indicates that Swedish women are more masculine than America women.


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