Friday, December 19, 2014

Beautiful clouded leopard in Borneo rainforest

This video gets absolutely no views but I like it because there is a mysterious/ghost-like quality. It was taken with a camera trap. It shows the shape of the clouded leopard very well and particularly the extraordinarily long tail (and it is thick too). The tail is used for balance because this cat is arboreal - a tree dweller.

You probably know that the name is after the cloud-like shapes of the spots on this cat. This is a medium-sized wild cat species but at the top end of the medium-sized group.

Cat tails are used for balance. For the domestic cat it is also used for balance but also as a form of communication such as tail up for a friendly greeting and swishing side to side when the cat is indecisive.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

All UK council cleansing departments should check for microchips in cats found dead

This idea comes from the founder of Missing Cats in Scotland and Missing Cat in England.   She makes a very good point.  Cat owners who lose their cats but cannot find them are unable to close the matter.  There is uncertainty.

Often these cats will be killed on the road and sometimes they will crawl and stagger under a bush beside the road to die but sometimes they might be picked up by the local councils.  It has to be said, by the way, that a lot of cat owners don't really seek closure and don't care that much when their cat fails to come home. But the majority do.

That said, it would not take much in the way of resources and effort for the local councils to ensure that their cleansing departments carried microchip scanners which could check whether the dead cat on the road was microchipped and if so identify the owner. They could then pass on the information.

Traveling vet helps to control cat colonies, protect public health

Traveling vet helps to control cat colonies, protect public health

I love to see vets doing things with passion and their heart, while for a moment putting aside profit. This lady in America, Dr Becky Morrow, has a soft spot for strays which is why she conducts clinics in Western Pennsylvania to vaccinate and neuter feral cats. She also founded Frankie's Friends Cat Rescue with some friends.

Dr Becky Morrow - Photo: Keith Hodan | Trib Total Media
“We're helping animals who don't get help, and that's what I went to vet school to do,” Morrow said.
Here, here. Well done Dr Becky. I wish more vets were like that but as most of them in the USA declaw cats they can't be because declawing cats goes against the vet's oath and therefore it follows it is not what they went to vet school for....

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