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Melbourne man attacks 2 cats while walking his dog and it's the Australian government's fault

NEWS AND COMMENT-MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: A man attacked 2 cats while walking his dog in Melbourne last Wednesday. CCTV footage shows him kicking the two cats and encouraging his dog to chase one. One of the cats is 15-years-old and has suffered a serious leg injury which is ongoing. Victoria police have asked anyone with relevant information to contact Crime Stoppers. I'm going to blame the Australian government for this or for contributing to it. This man attacked 2 cats wantonly without cause. It was a malicious and cruel attack. Photo: Victoria police. For years, now, the Australian federal government and state governments have railed against feral cats and stray cats. They have basically indoctrinated the public into believing that any cat wandering around a public space, be it the countryside or suburbia, is a pest. They have consistently portrayed feral cats as pests and vermin. Time and time again we've seen stories of state authorities devising schemes to kill feral cats.

Serval on the kitchen counter smacks dog who's on the floor

This is an unusual household. The woman calls herself a 'serval whisperer' by which she means that she is a serval expert and can communicate with her cat companion. Servals are wild cats. They are lanky. In fact, they have the longest legs to overall size of all the wild cat species. Serval on the kitchen counter smacks dog who's on the floor. Screenshot. Some people might like to see the video below and some might think that this looks just fine. I don't. I think it is entirely wrong to have a serval as a pet confined to the home which they must be. You cannot let this cat go outside alone for obvious reasons. And when they are confined to a home like this they want to escape. Some do escape and often they are killed outside by the police who shoot them because a neighbour complained that there is a wild animal roaming around the neighbourhood. Or a car hit them. The outcome is normally bad. Note : This is a video from another website which is embedded here. Sometimes

Public are outraged by Kurt Zouma's cat abuse. I'm pleased.

The public are outraged by Kurt Zouma's Bengal cat abuse. I'm very pleased. I am also surprised by the strength of the sentiment. And it isn't just the public; the news media have come down hard on him too. It is great. Anything which supports cat welfare is progress as far as I am concerned. There has been an outpouring of anger against Kurt Zouma because of his obnoxious behaviour in drop-kicking one of his Bengal cats and also slapping the cat while the cat was being held by a child. And he slapped the cat hard. Arguably that is also child abuse. He is at least potentially psychologically damaging this child and he is certainly teaching his child that it is all right to behave like that was an animal. Shame on him. RELATED:  Premier League footballer videoed kicking and slapping a Bengal cat. Kurt Zouma. Photo in public domain. And to compound the bad behaviour, his brother videoed the whole thing and uploaded it to social media. And to make matters even worse his bro