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Les Chats (The Cats) by François-Augustin de Paradis de Moncrif

This is the entire book translated into English from the original French. Read about the book by clicking on this link . It may not load properly as it is about 36,000 words! THE CATS By FRANÇOIS-AUGUSTIN PARADIS DE MONCRIF Published by the Ex-Classics Project 2020 Public Domain Frontispiece – Portrait of Moncrif Introduction by Edmund Gosse An accomplished lady of my acquaintance tells me that she is preparing an anthology of the cat. This announcement has reminded me of one of the oddest and most entertaining volumes in my library. People who collect prints of the eighteenth century know an engraving which represents a tom-cat, rampant, holding up an oval portrait of a gentleman and standing, in order to do so, on a volume. The volume is Les Chats, the book before us, and the portrait is that of the author, the amiable and amusing Augustin Paradis de Moncrif. He was the son of English, or more probably of Scotch parents settled in Paris, where he was born in 16