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Does this cat enjoy his owner's 'toddler cuddle' or is he complaining?

You tell me. In the video below we see a woman "strongly cuddling" as I would describe it her cat and she kisses him on top of the head. She thinks that her cat did not enjoy it. It is possible that he did, however. Is the sound that he makes one of complaint or enjoyment?  Complaining cat. She is handling him like a toddler. Image: Screenshot. Or perhaps it is somewhere in between the two. I do think, however, that she is cuddling him too strongly. I don't think he enjoys being confined and 'compressed' slightly in this way.  Most cats enjoy being kissed on the top of the head. If they don't, they get used to it and then they enjoy it! My gut feeling is that this cat is complaining not because of the kiss but by the way that he is being held which is slightly too forceful for him.  And the reason why she is cuddling him like this is because she loves him. But she is cuddling him as if she would cuddle a toddler; a human being. Entirely understandable.  Not a

Veteran big-game hunter is crushed by shot elephant. Karma in nature.

A lot of people are very pleased about the untimely death of a big game hunter when an elephant fell on top of him and crushed him to death. The back story is interesting. There was a group of individuals on a hunting safari in Africa. This happens a lot and far too often. They wandered into a breeding herd of elephants according to The Telegraph newspaper. Three elephant cows charged the hunters. The man in the photograph below (who was killed), Theunis Botha, was leading the group. He tried to shoot the elephants. To try and stop him a fourth elephant cow charged at him from the side. This elephant lifted Botha with their trunk. One of the other trophy hunters then shot this elephant with Botha held up in their trunk. This caused the elephant to drop Botha. The elephant then collapsed from the gunshot and rolled on top of him, killing him. Both the elephant and the trophy hunter were killed in this incident. It is an example of karma however. In fact, Botha runs a big-game safari bus

Bad idea: DELIFUR Christmas costumes - Funny Pet Cowboy Outfit Clothing for Dog Cat

I feel that I need to address this recurring problem which is to put domestic cats into outfits so that they look like little humans. You can buy them on Amazon. The picture below shows you an example. The title describes it. I don't want to be a killjoy because I understand that it can be fun to put domestic cats into mini-human outfits. However, I don't think that it is a good idea because, ultimately, it disrespects the domestic cat. And I think it probably undermines the human-to-cat relationship which should be one of human recognising the fact that they live with a domesticated wildcat at heart. It's all very well to treat a domestic cat as a human in terms of animal rights. This elevates their rights to that of a human which helps to protect them and which helps to foster respect for them. But to treat them as little humans including babies leads humans down the path of interacting with their cat in a less than optimal way. It can alter the caregiver's expectatio