Thursday, November 15, 2007

About cat breeding

There are frequent discussions about cat breeding. And there is an argument that cat breeding cannot be commercial as there will always be a compromise between making money and the welfare of the cats. This is because it is not possible in my view to make enough money out of breeding cats to allow the breeder to make a decent living and at the same time maintain an excellent level of welfare for the cats in her/his charge.

This may be because the market is too competitive. It may be too competitive because a lot of people see cat breeding as a "nice little earner" while practicing their hobby.

This may have resulted in their being too many breeders. A lot of people disagree with cat breeding. I think there is a place for cat breeders as long as they see the wider picture and prioritize cat welfare.

However there are a number of breeders that think only of quantity (and therefore money and profit) and not of quality. Quality in this context means the welfare of the cat in terms of mental and physical health and the betterment of the breed.

It may be wise to breed one litter at a time to keep things simple and not to rely solely on cat breeding as a source of income. I'd like to hear your views.

Cat breeding to celebrate the cat for her skills

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