Sunday, November 18, 2007

GCCF Supreme Show

GCCF Supreme Show - This is a British Shorthair in his cage waiting to be judged and looking suitably regal and a true champion in the making. I had to come away with some photographs of the cats but it is very difficult to get good pictures under the conditions of a cat show.

The cats are normally in a cage (albeit a very luxurious cage) awaiting to be taken to the show ring where they are held in a smaller cage before being taken out by a steward and judged. All the staff who touch the cats do so having wiped there hands with alcohol to prevent the spreed of germs.

All public cannot touch the cats. Suffice to say the first thing I did was to touch one, an ex-feral maine coon look alike (quite gorgeous) while the human partner ("owner" to other people) looked on. I had just arrived so was unaware of the rules.

Anyway back to the photos. In the end I poked my camera through the bars of the large cages and got close ups with the lens at wide angle. The light was poor but I had to use natural light for 2 reasons. First I didn't want to upset the cats and second flash is awful.

Got some reasonable and slightly odd photos but I think that they capture the mood of the show.

<<< on his magic carpet....

Home from Home. Full room service, hot and cold running water, indoor toilet, central heating....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<...British Shorthair becoming a little irritated at the long wait to be judged and why bother I'm bound to win the bl**dy thing as I won everything else in sight.....where's my human..

GCCF Supreme Show to POC Ocicat

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