Saturday, November 17, 2007

GCCF Cat Show

Photographs copyright Michael Broad

GCCF Cat Show - I went to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) Supreme Cat Show yesterday 17th Nov.

It took place in the NEC near Birmingham. This is a very big show; a very large space. I was impressed by space and size. The GCCF Cat Show is divided up into 4 areas:

  • Cats in large holding cages in readiness for being shown to a judge.
  • Show "rings" where cats are held in smaller cages close to a judge and stewards where the cat is judged.
  • Stands where products are sold.
  • Eating areas.

The cages where the cats were held waiting waiting to be transported to the show rings were one of the features of the show, I thought. They were amazing; like little "hotel" rooms fully kitted out with room service on hand at all times! There was even a competition for the best cage.

Of course the cats are the stars and they are simply fabulous. I was struck at how delicate some were (the Orientals and Modern Siamese for example looked very fragile).

However, for me the most surprising thing was the lack of a "show" feel. Where was the show? It was like going into a market (the shops) with a private club attached (the judging).

For the public who come to learn and widen their knowledge it was a little hard. Of course you can ask questions etc. But I was surprised that the judging did not involve the viewing public more.

The judge could have had a microphone and discussed what he was looking for as he judged a cat. That would have involved the public and generated some excitment. There could have been a score card or some such device at the judges table so that we knew how the cat had got on as the judging took place. I felt that the judging ring could have been better "labeled" to tell us what breed was being judged there (no sign at all).

During judging, it was as if we were looking in on a private matter. There was some, but very little, interaction between judges and the public to make a show of the judging process. The most important part of the process.

Sorry for the winge but I was a little disappointed as this is the biggest show in the UK and it could have had a little more razzmatazz about it.

I had a nice day though and the cats were out of this world.

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