Friday, November 9, 2007

To thumbnail or not to thumbnail

I need some feedback from visitors to my website Pictures of Cats on how best to present Helmi Flick's fine photographs.

By the way, Helmi is a very generous person. A lady in the true sense. I want to maximize the use of her photographs and to show them off.

Large size images are better but as usual everything that we do on the internet is compromised by current technology. Large photos load slowly. My site's Navbar is made up of images and sometimes loads a little slowly. Also the site's page is narrow.

These factors encourage me to link to large images on simple web pages from the "main site" by thumbnails. But is this what visitors want? There is a resistance to clicking on thumbnails perhaps.

Yet Fickr is made up of thumbnails so that tells me it is alright. I had a little moment of enlightenment today. Thumbnail images have to be just small enough to prevent the viewer from seeing enough of the image to satisfy him/her. That will encourage a click through to the large image. Flickr use thumbnails that are 75px square. I intend to adopt that.

So, I have decided that my thumbnails are a fraction too large. What do you think?


  1. I think your “thumbnails” work just great, no matter what the size. They take me to absolutely fabulous pictures of absolutely fabulous cats :-)

  2. Larry - thanks for this. I'll go on with the thumbnails.