Friday, November 9, 2007

My Binnie Do

The cat that currently lives with me is actually called Judds. Weird name really. It is short for Judders. Also a weird name (it's after her tail that "judders" when she is excited). She was a stray, a lost soul on the streets of London. Since 2002 I have called her Binnie. Don't really know why. Except she is like a dustbin. Maybe it came from that. I have fought her for 14 years on the matter of her diet and lost on every occasion. She taught me persistence.

Back to the story. At the time I was living in London (Notting Hill Gate, before it became really fashionable). This was about 1993. Binnie was under a car sheltering when I came home from work.

She looked up at me nervously. She is still nervous. She must have had a bad start. Anyway, as I say on the home page of my website, my favorite cat is a homeless cat looking at me and asking for help. Just can't resist.

So, I feed her with the left overs from our (I was married then) two cats. She gulped it all down. She went back to her damp little hiding place around the corner. I think the person who cared for her abandoned her.

As is the case she eventually came round and stayed. I thought she was pregnant. Then I realized it was food!. I was feeding and she was eating. We couldn't really take her in permanently so I talked to my neighbor. She thought Binnie was pregnant!

Well there you are. 14 years later and she is still my loyal companion. She was upset when I lost Missie, my other cat. I still grieve for Missie.

I moved out of London after the divorce in 1994 and now am back in Barnes another fashionable place. And guess what - Timmy another stray just walked in....I love him to bits.

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