Friday, June 3, 2011

Cat Sleeping in Flower Pot

You know, cats like the smell of the earth and the grass under their feet. They like it natural. Common sense, I guess. That is why it is nice to let cats go outside provided it is done in a safe and controlled manner. I am against irresponsible cat caretaking but accept human frailties. Cats should be allowed to express natural drives as it promotes good cat health.

White cat sleeping on the earth in a flower pot - Photo by zeevveez (Flickr)

Love this photo published under a creative commons license incidentally. You can just see her (I think she is a she) yellow left eye. All white cats frequently have yellow eyes and sometimes odd colour eyes, the other being blue as the colour has been taken out of the eye by the same gene that causes the hair to be white.

White cats are white because of the presence of three different types of genotypes: albino (not in this case - albino cats are rare), dominant white gene ("W") and the piebald gene that usually leaves some areas in the original color leaving the cat a bicolor. See Cat Coats White.

In this instance I will guess it is the dominant white gene that causes this cat to be all white. She loves the earth  - my guess. This is probably because of its smell and because it is cool. Sometimes we forget that cats are permanently clothed in a thick woolly overcoat! Cats with triple coats or double coats have a dense layer of downy hair under the guard hairs. These are like duvets!

My cat Binnie likes to sleep outside in the shade where she can catch a bit of a breeze to cool her.

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