Thursday, June 2, 2011

British Shorthair Video

You can also see this British Shorthair video on the main page on this breed. This is a video with a difference. It is me talking. Uhmmm...not sure about that? Well I don't do it out of vanity believe me. It is just that our master, Messrs Google and co. like Flickr at the moment so stuff on Flickr including videos about the British Shorthair cat get noticed more easily. This then helps my main site to get noticed too.

The British Shorthair is one of my favorites because well....I am British..simplezz.  I am loyal to this cat. But it is not actually a British cat any more. That is what I say based on what I read about this cat.

If this cat breed was a refinement of the humble British moggie, mixed breed cat, then it would be a British cat. But if it has been made up out of Persian cats and Chartreux cats which appears to be the case, how can it be truly British?

Love the cat, still. Quiet voice. Stocky body. Crisp dense coat. Loyal and unassuming. Great cat companion. Get one.

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