Thursday, November 17, 2011

Purebred Cats in Bad Economic Times

I think it is time to think whether the breeding of purebred cats in bad economic times is morally correct. That sounds tough and a bit near the bone 2011 things are very bad in Europe and the US economically. And it will get worse in the Europe at least. If Europe is bad then the US must suffer somewhat because of trade links.

In these very difficult, in fact, scary times, it is time to pull together and do the right thing. That means going back to old values. In former times people saved and put money aside if they wanted to buy something. People worked hard and had what we consider a work ethic.  People were patient. Today it is all about instant gratification. It has been that way for 10-20 years and we are paying the price in a slow motion train wreck as it hits the buffers of reality. We can't borrow any more money. It has to stop. That will bring uncomfortable times for many years while we wean ourselves of the fiction of life that comes with borrowing money we cannot afford to pay back. And I am talking about individuals and nations.

In times gone by we did not have purebred cats. Before about 1900 purebred cats were extremely rare. When we had a cat it was moggie and we knew of nothing else. Let us return to those times. It will be good for the cat because it is wrong to kill perfectly healthy random bred cats while breeding purebred cats. Especially purebred cats that are overbred and intrinsically unhealthy. If we as people pull together we should include our cats. Too many are needlessly killed at cat shelters.

I am not criticizing cat breeders. People have their rights. I have my right of freedom of speech.

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