Thursday, December 8, 2011

British Shorthair Cat Picture

A beautiful classic looking blue British Shorthair cat. This is a purebred pedigree cat. This cat is an American bred cat, photographed in America, probably at a cat show by the well known professional cat photographer, Helmi Flick. Breeders in Russia and in continental Europe probably breed them slightly differently. I remember some pictures of a Russian British Shorthair that had a more rounded and massive head with very large cheeks - slightly exaggerated I thought. This cat is very popular with cat lovers and keepers. It is similar in popularity to the American Shorthair, which has a similar but noticeably different appearance. This is due to years of selective breeding as the ancestry is identical if you go back far enough (1600s!). The Brit SH is a semi-cobby cat with the best coat in the world to stroke. A cat coat won't feel better. The character is even tempered. British in short...This individual cat is a male unfixed boy. Click here to read and see more.

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