Friday, December 9, 2011

Burmese Cat Picture

Burmese cat - Photograph copyright Helmi Flick

Another great Helmi Flick, professional, cat photograph of a Burmese show cat, probably taken at a cat show in the USA. The American Burmese cat is different to the UK and the Australian breed. I think the USA version is more extreme with a more rounded body (cobby) and perhaps, without wishing to upset, a slightly unnaturally rounded head. It is said that this breed started when a Dr. Thompson imported a cat from Burma (now Myanmar, 2011). This cat was bred to a Siamese. You can see, therefore, the heavy connection with the Siamese cat. The Burmese is meant to look rounded. The modern Siamese is meant to look slender and elegant. Selective breeding produced the divergence in appearance between the two breeds. The Burmese is pointed but the pointing is difficult to detect sometimes. This is a vocal and talkative cat after the Siamese. This is a mainstream cat breed of long standing and a popular cat. Click here to read and see more.

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