Friday, December 9, 2011

California Spangled Cat Picture

This is a rare California Spangled cat picture because it is a scanned copy of the 1989 calendar that promoted this now rare cat. This cat breed was first publicized in the 1986 Neiman-Marcus Christmas Book. Many orders came out of that but it is very rare to sell a purebred cat through a shop.

Neiman-Marcus is a well known luxury retailer. Clearly the California Spangled was a luxury and rare cat. The only other time I have seen this happen is currently (2010) in relation to the selling of the Savannah cat at the Savannah Cat Shoppe.

The Savannah is a wild cat hybrid while the California Spangled has the wild spotted cat look but is a domestic cat hybrid bringing together breeds such the American and British Shorthairs and the Abyssinian. The idea behind this breed was the same as the Bengal cat; to give cat caretakers a bit of wild cat in the home to allow people to make a connection with the wild and the wild cats and thereby think of conservation. Paul Casey, a true polymath created the breed. He was a talented person and a rare sort himself. Read the full history of the California Spangled.

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