Friday, December 23, 2011

Norwegian Forest Cat Picture

Sheer beauty. Stunning presence. Venus is a goddess of a purebred cat! The Norwegian Forest Cat (NFC) is on a par I think with the Maine Coon and would be as popular as the Maine Coon (MC) but for the fact that the MC is considered an American cat and the biggest market place for domestic cats is America by far. The NFC is a substantial, long haired cat developed from the icy forests of Norway from the 1930s onwards, when the first NFC was shown at a cat show in Germany. This cat is seen in all traditional colors and patterns. Venus is a classic tabby and white with an impressive ruff. It seems that the character of the Norwegian farm cats from which they were developed has remained with this breed. They are somewhat single minded and intelligent. I include a video I made years ago, which adds some detail. It is basic but has proved to be popular. Read more...

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