Friday, December 30, 2011

Singapura Cat Picture

A beautifully smooth, elegant Singapura cat picture by the well known cat photographer, Helmi Flick; taken in the United States. Three things come to mind about this rare cat breed. It is the world's smallest cat breed. That does not mean it is the world's smallest cat, far from it. The wild cat, rusty-spotted cat is smaller and teacup and miniature cats are smaller but these are not cat breeds. Secondly, the origins of this breed are disputed. Some claim that the breed originates in the feral cats living in the drains and streets of Singapura. Fanciful, I suspect. Sarah Hartwell (Messybeast) did not see any when she visited Singapore! This is probably a created hybrid, which does not make it any less attractive or interesting. Lastly, this cat has a smooth, ticked tabby coat. The Abyssinian has a similar coat. However, the base color for the Singapura is an "antique ivory"1. The color is "seal sepia" technically. The eyes are large relative to head size and the body compact (semi-cobby). Read and see more if you wish...

Note: (1) Legacy of the Cat - ISBN 0-8118-2910-3


  1. That picture you choose is absolutely beautiful! My favorite little cat. Mine knew no stranger. Loved the dog & cat siblings. Very affectionate.