Friday, April 6, 2012

Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon Photo

A classic portrait of a brown classic tabby Maine Coon by the celebrated Helmi Flick. Helmi is one of the world's top cat photographers. Brown tabby is one of the best coat types for the Maine Coon perhaps because it is more natural and this was a farm cat between 1650 and mid 1800s.

You probably know that "classic tabby" refers to a tabby pattern that is swirls and blotches against the background color. You can see some of the dark pattern against a brown coat on the body of this cat (bottom left of photo).

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I love the Maine Coon face. The photograph was taken in March 2005. The focal length of the lens was 75 mm. This is a slight telephoto for the 35 mm format. Ideal for portraiture. The exposure was 1/250th of a second but strobe light was used. Aperture was F5.6 and ISO 100.  There is plenty of light in the set up used by Helmi. See the Helmi Flick set up.

The frame around this Helmi photo was created by Google Picasa, incidentally. Unfortunately the hosting server for this site adds a shadow as well so it is a bit overdone, perhaps.

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