Friday, April 6, 2012

Cat With Bilateral Aural Hematomas

A picture of a cat that has had a tough life as evidenced by the fact that both ears are damaged. Technically she has bilateral aural hematomas that are scarred. As you probably know "bilateral" means both sides or two sides (referring to both ears). "Aural" means ears and "hematoma" means a collection of blood due to a broken blood vessel. As I said, in layperson's language, we have a couple of bruised and battered ears that have been damaged in fighting no doubt. The scars developed because the injuries were not treated. She is now looked after by a nice cat caretaker. The ears are half way to being the ears of a Scottish Fold.

Photo copyright: Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic.

She was at the vets with ear infections. This photo has been used with permission for teaching/educational purposes at PoC (this site is a subdomain).

The photographer owns the copyright for this photo. Use without permission of the photographer is not allowed.

A cat's pinnae are the ear flaps, the part of the ear that you can readily see. They are vulnerable to bites and scratches. Injuries caused by fights often become infected with bacteria, which results in abscesses. Veterinary attention is required with a course of antibiotics. See also fights causing abscesses.

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