Monday, June 18, 2007

Funny cat videos

Hi, I'm the guy who is building the website It's a lot more than just pictures of cats. I put the video of the guy shouting at cats on the website to provoke an outcry of protest as I think it is awful. But a lot of people think it is really funny - they can't like animals. Am I correct? Or. am I doing the wrong thing in trying to provoke reaction?

Update: 3rd Sept 2021 - Almost 14 years later and this site is still going! But am I still going?! I am lot older and more tired. Funny cat videos are still unfunny as far as I am concerned. Well, some are okay but the majority are not. They are abusive of cats.

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Michael Broad LLB, ARPS said...

Hi I think the video of the person yelling at the cats is awful, an abuse of the cats. It is an example of how things can go wrong on the internet.

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