Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fat Cats

You may have seen recent newspaper articles about cats getting too fat as owners are maybe buying the cat's love or perhaps simply reflecting there own eating habits. In other words as people get fatter so do their pets.

This can result in a the cat contracting diabetes. The symptoms: excessive thirst and going to the loo too much. Apparently as many as one in 230 cats surveyed in a University of Edinburgh anaysis had contracted diabetes an increase from a similar survey in Amercia in 1970s.

This is obviously serious stuff to be taken notice of. The thing is though that it is easier said that done trying to exercise enough self discipline to refuse him/her a little pleasure in her favorite food.

And I'll tell you this, cats are massively persuasive. The keep on going until you give in. As I always say, I learned persistence from my cat. And, yes, she is overweight. But she is happily overweight.

That raised another point. Maybe it is better to be overweight and happy (and suffer an increased chance of getting diabetes) rather than in perfect shape and miserable.

And another thing, some cats are naturally bigger boned and more lets say well rounded than other cats. What I mean is their natural shape is a little fat but vets don't seem to take into account natural variation they just treat all cats in the same way.

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