Monday, December 10, 2007

Cat Allergies and Realities

The reality is that if you think that you have a cat allergy you may not. If you have an allergy it may not be the cat. If you love your cat and she loves you it would be a hell of a shame (for the cat :)) to part company on a mistake. Or, if you do have an allergy to cats you may have allergies to more than just a cat allergen so kissing your cat goodbye won't help.

First things first, find out what your allergic to. This can be done through a blood test I believe. Try and convince your doctor to do a thorough check of all the possible irritants - get the figures, the data before taking big steps.

Timmy the stray boy cat who has set up home here is the first cat to whom I am slightly allergic. I'm a bit shocked in fact. He makes me itch as if I've got dermatitis. But it won't stop me seeing him and I think it's starting to ease a bit. Perhaps I am adjusting to the allergen in his saliva.

If the tests establish that you are allergic to cats, the tests may also show that you are allergic to other things. You can take steps to minimize the allergic reaction to the other things. In doing this you reduce the number of allergens to the point where you have no or minimal symptoms.

In addition to allergy shots try these steps:
  • vacuum more often using a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter and try and wet wipe all surfaces and use a mask when vacuuming (pain the back side I know) - or get someone else to do it
  • Some cats are better for people who are allergic to cats. The well know Allerca comes to mind and the siblings the Ashera GD and the Chakan GD. These cats though are for the rich as they are very pricey. There is also the Siberian and the Sphynx come to mind
  • You might try and set up a cat free zone for a period of time in day to allow some relief from the cat allergen causing the allergy
  • Bathe your cat frequently (every few weeks)
  • Watch out for a dusty litter type. Try and find one that produces less dust when doing the litter
  • there may be some products on the market for shampooing your cat which help reduce the allergen
  • Apparently a tannic acid stray (Allersearch ADS is the product - not sure if this is a US product - it probably is) of 3% tannic acid sprayed onto carpets, curtains and bedding can help by killing allergens
  • wash your hands after handling your cat and don't kiss her :)
This advice comes from Abyssinian Rescue
Photo copyright messtizza - creative commons


Unknown said...


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Michael said...

Thanks Camilynn for the pointer. I'll follow up on this.

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