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This is a follow up on the other 2 posts on animal testing that I have made. It is so easy to forget about the cruelty of animal testing as it is out of sight ("out of sight out of mind"). The concept of out of sight out of mind pervades all we do.

For example, we can't see pollution from second hand cigarette smoke. Sure you see it being released from the cigarette, but at low levels when it is gradually released from objects where it has been sitting for along time, it is impossible to see it. If we can't see it, it doesn't exist, almost.

Research indicates a lot of damage done to passive smokers. 30,00o people in the UK die of passive smoking every year. Think what it is like in the poorer countries being targeted by the cynical cigarette manufacturers.

So if we can't see cats being used in animal testing experiments, we forget about it. That's why I am posting some photographs with the permission of the person who has copyright. All the photos are copyright Brian Gunn IAAPEA. The objective is to put the issue in front of us to remind us.

The cat in the picture with the mask below was kept blinded by the mask (that you can see) for 6 months. I presume to see the effect that it has on the cat psychologically. Wicked cruelty.

Large companies such as the largest consumer products company Procter and Gamble conduct "product safety research". Nice one P&G. P&G are the parent company of Iams pet food.

There is hard evidence that Iams are conducting or paying others to conduct animal testing. Iams is a respected cat food manufacturer or that is the image they portray.

  1. I know of no connection between Iams or P&G and the images on this page.
  2. I do not condone violent protests against animal testing
  3. I admire those brave souls who spend time to protest peacefully
I have to be cautious as Procter and Gamble are huge and with their muscle they could sue me off the face of the earth :). However P&G apparently admit that they do use cats (and of course other animals) in product research. A part of their website is dedicated to their arguments as to why they feel they need to use animal testing.

Humane Society of the United States® is working in partnership with P&G to I presume minimise and eliminate the need for animal testing. If you were a cynical pain in the backside such as me you might think that P&G had donated a large sum of money to the Humane Society of the United States to give credibility to their argument that they are doing their level best to find alternatives to animal testing. I am not saying that P&G did donate a large sum - this is supposition only.

The only reason why companies do animal testing is to allow them to make more profit. We the consumer don't need more products. In fact we need less products, less possessio
ns and more thought and proper actions.

Animal testing then is carried out in the name of commerce. This is still the case if the products are ultimately beneficial to mankind. The profit element is the first objective, always.

Making profits is fine it what makes the world tick. But it can tick a little slower for me if it means no animal testing. It would take longer to introduce the products and they may be less good but so what. The trade off is enormous.

The picture of the cat with what appears to be broken legs on the right at the bottom of this posting is in fact a cat that has legs that have been deliberately deformed by humans to see the effect this has on him. Wicked.

My mind turns to Gandhi again, who was the master of effective non-violent protest.

Here are some of his sayings courtesy All Great Quotes

"Non-violence is the first article of my faith. It is also the last article of my creed"

"You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty"


Anonymous said…
animals are human to
Anonymous said…
thats horrible
Anonymous said…
how would you like it if i stuck chemicals into your body
Anonymous said…
i agree animal testing should be not be continued i am a cat lover i hate people who do not like cats.
Anonymous said…
im a cat an dog lover animal testing is sick cruel painful an terrible how about we test on you an see how you like it huh there is absolutly no need for this type of abuse you are sick cruel heated people who enjoy seeing animals suffer i thank god fpr those who do all they can to protect our voice less friends
Anonymous said…
animal testing is so cruel would you do this to your child your friend your family ????? so why subject our animals in this way i can't believe the stuff ive seen that these labs do on animals it breaks my heart
Anonymous said…
Just because animals don't have the ability to say what they think about this stuff and to tell us that they don't want to be the victim of these tests does NOT mean they want to be. Animals have feelings and--just like most of us peole--they don't want these horrid things happening to them. It hurts them! And I'm pretty sure that they DO want to live their lives to the fullest and not have to live with disabilities and other things. Especially not dying for a test that does NOTHING to help us or them in any way but to be selfish and think they do! People need to stop this NONSENSE!!!
Anonymous said…
Animal Testing is WRONG
Michael Broad said…
Hi I agree of course. Humans are very arrogant. We have no right to do animal testing.
TheNewCancer said…
wow, im doing a project on animal testing, and the stuff they do is ridiculous and unnessasry,its just so sad to see, cats and dogs, being practically totured.
Anonymous said…
i think your all sick in the head and we should kill you all
Anonymous said…
OMG I Hate Animal Testing Animals Have Rights Too, It Make Me Cry, How Wud Scientists Like It Is We Stuck Needles And Burning Chemicals In Them :@
Kaylee said…
Animal cruelty is wrong they need to stop they are killing are beloved animals!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
it is ridiculuous that we do this animal testing just for more profit!! it is ridiculous
Anonymous said…
Anybody all for animal testing is truely messed up!!!!!!:( how would you like it if you were captured and had needles and chemical used on you. i bet you would stop thinking that animal testing is right then!!!!!! THEY REALLY NEED TO STOP HARMING THESE POOR ANIMALS THEY DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO THEM DID THETY??? :@
Anonymous said…
for the sake of science and medical advances people, animal testing must continue.
Anonymous said…
its horrible no-one should be put through that pain and it should stop!!!!
Anonymous said…
ur all fattiee

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