Friday, December 21, 2007


The Chakan GD is a cat that is bred by LifeStyle Pets (the parent company of Allerca). She is one a trio of cats, the others being the Allerca GD and the Ashera GD (there is also a non-hypoallergenic Ashera - the GD indicates that she is hypoallergenic).

The Chakan is a cross between the Allerca GD (the original hypoallergenic cat) and a Traditional Siamese (I have guessed this as the appearance of the Chakan is not extreme and Modern Siamese are extreme in appearance).

The Chakan has a pretty classic Siamese appearance, with blue eyes and points. The company says that her character is similar to the Siamese. Her size though is smaller than the average Siamese. The Siamese has an average weight, while this cat weighs on average 6-8 pounds (2.5-3.5 kg), which would put her towards the small end of the cat weight/size spectrum.

Lifestyle Pets are confident that their cats are truly hypoallergenic as they provide a guarantee as far as I remember and there are testimonials. Also, in my limited experience of cat allergies (I am allergic to a stray cat that comes to see me daily), the effect comes in almost immediately, so if you are able to stroke your new cat partner before adopting, you'll know pretty quickly if the Chakan is truly hypoallergenic for you.

This cat is not a registered breed - none of the Allerca cats are. That doesn't make her less of a cat though.

Photo reproduced with permission of LifeStyle Pets copyright LifeStyle Pets.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that Brodie has fooled everyone with his so called "allergy free cats" Before he was selling allergy free cats he was selling shampoo to remove allergyns. All he had to do to fool Time magazine and all the other reporters was to take some poor cat and wash it about 50 times before letting anyone hold it. He's been taking $7,000 deposits for years and putting everyone on a "waiting list". Once he has enough deposits to retire in style those who made the deposits can all look forward to a bankruptcy notice from Allerca.

Anonymous said...

Lifestyle pets must love it that you're advertising their fraud for free. Their Asheras have already been unmasked as F1 Savannahs bought from a breeder (DNA testing has proved beyond doubt). All he's doing now is buying Siamese and reselling them. Shame on you for aiding and abetting him. He's already fled to Montana, changed his name to Simon Cadarran and started selling luxury (non-existent) skis.

Lifestyle Pets are no longer answering phone calls ( ).

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