Cats Calm Me

Cats calm me. I was a little wound up this morning. I have been for the past week or so. There are some problems brewing and it puts me on edge. And you know what, cats calm me, they always have. This morning it was the turn of Pippa. She is a time share cat. She lives next door in a big house, a very big and very expensive house. She is a very inexpensive cat (moggie), though, and a very sweet and photogenic cat. I'll have to try and do her justice one of these days.

Pippa a stray cat
Pippa with Rhino and lamp

Pippa just bowled in, with a new collar, a pink one with a pink bell. Yes, well, not sure about a pink bell. She asked for and got some food and then gingerly planted herself on my lap, kneaded me first and then washed herself. And I love the feel of a cat washing herself. The gentle rocking of her body against mine as she licks and the gentle placing of her front paws on me to balance herself while she stretches to her back.

This was the most calming of feelings for me and I struggled to stay awake. After about 15 minutes she meowed and quietly left. She'll be back, she's a time share cat....!


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