Sunday, June 28, 2009

Three Stray Cats Update

This is a three stray cats update. My three stray cats are Binnie who has lived with me for 16 years or more and she is no longer a stray I suppose! She was though. Then there is Pippa, a small black girl. I would see her dice with death crossing the road outside the kitchen window but could do little about it as she belongs to someone else - I know who - but I would still consider her a kind of stray or perhaps a better description is a part-time cat. Well, I have not seen her for a considerable time. This is mainly because Binnie chases her away and the pecking order is that Binnie is above Pippa.

It also may be due to the summer weather. There is less need to seek warmth and food etc. Or she may have been killed, I don't know. I wish I did.

Then we have Timmy, the top cat who still comes in for his nosh (UK terms for food in case you are from another country and hadn't heard the word) and then he either stays a while (less in summer) before disappearing. Timmy is very skinny and very athletic. I would expect him to come in a lot more when the weather turns colder and wetter in about 3 months or so.

We have another stray cat in in fact. We have called her Marty. She is a fast mover, darting in to grab some food (only if it is fish or prawns!) before scampering out. Binnnie accepts her but chased her off last week. Binnie is about aged 90 in human terms so it was very impressive to see although I wish she wouldn't!

She is also overweight so to see her running pretty fast is awesome. It is probably awesome for the other cat too. I think her sheer size is intimidating. That's about it. All is calm and at the moment is is more like 2 stray cats with 2 in the background.

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