Friday, October 16, 2009

F1 Savannah Cat Magic Wakes Up Andreas

Well, here is another video of Andreas and Magic together. This time Magic wakes up Andreas. The thing is, Andreas is sleeping on the top bunk of bunk beds. So what happens is a WOW. Well it's a totally normal thing for Magic as she is the world's tallest domestic cat (I think the Guinness World Records call the record Tallest Pet Cat). And she is extremely athletic and a great jumper because her father is a Serval. And the serval cat is a medium sized wild cat with very long legs. The serval kills prey by jumping high and down onto the prey to stun it and kill it.

Enjoy the video, MAGIC and Andreas are fantastic in this. This is a beautiful relationship. Please see it in large format here: Waking Andreas Magically.

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