Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A different point of view on a Siamese Cat

A different point of view
Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas

Here is another great cat photograph by fofurasfelinas (Giane Portal) of a Siamese cat. Now, I am not sure if the cat is actually a purebred Siamese cat. I would doubt it because Giane photographs rescue cats.

That is not to say Siamese cats cannot be rescue cats. They can. Any purebred cat can be a rescue cat because people not infrequently abandon purebred cats and some of them are spectacular.

I am thinking of a RagaMuffin purebred cat that was a rescue cat and who now lives with the most loving of persons. It is shocking to think that the previous owners could be so ignorant and stupid as to give her up. The reason why is because children terrorised the cat so much that it urinated in the wrong place. Typical human nonsense. Please read this story here:

The RagaMuffin Cat and the Princess

Now, back to this gorgeous blue eyed pointed or Siamese cat. This is a seal point cat, the original and classic pointing. The cat, if a purebred Siamese is a traditional Siamese (as opposed to a Modern skinny one).

What I particularly like about this photo is the texture contrast between the stair material and the cat's coat. And the clear blue eyes in the centre of the photograph.

It was taken at a cat rescue in Brazil, the country where Giane lives. Great photo Giane.

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