Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Cats of the Same Color Get Together

Two beauties
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Fofurasfelinas, the well known cat photorapher in Bazil says that from her observations of large colonies of cats, cats of the same colour enjoy each others company.

Now that raises a few questions and a lot of guesswork as to why? And this is on the basis that it is an accurate observation, of course. However, I would completely trust fofurasfelinas to observe accurately so lets try and find an answer.

If two cats stick together it implies that they get along and are relaxed with each other. As feral cats inbreed or mate with who ever is available it seems likely that there are a lot of related cats in a colony.

These related cats, which carry similar genes are likely to have the same or similar coat types. As these carts with similar coat types are related they will undoubtedly get along well from the outset.

That then is my theory as to why two cats of the same color get together.

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