Sunday, May 30, 2010

Biblical scene at A1 Savannahs Farm

This is a photograph that I took at the A1 Savannahs farm near Ponca City in Oklahoma, USA.

I was taken in the early hours of the morning on 25th May 2010. A distant storm had awoken me at about 4 am.

The morning before the weather had been glorious with a warm light that grazed the gentle landscape and bathed it in a glowing light.

This time the storm had created billowing clouds of grey and pink luminescence.

The cloud formation changed all the time and the colour changed too. The whole scene rapidly changed and faded. It was all over in 20 minutes.

The calm of the goats, sheep and bison grazing contrasted beautifully with the angry sky to create a biblical scene.

All it needed was Moses to walk out from behind the tree in the distance!

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