Sunday, October 16, 2011

Behaviors of dying cat

I know a bit about the behavior of a dying cat because my cat is dying at the moment. The title is what people search for. It is not good English. My lady cat is about 19 years old. I don't know here actual age because I found her on the street in London, UK. It was not far from the place where the film Notting Hill was made.

So, what is her behavior like? She is very frail. She is bony. She eats well but does not put on weight. She has a tumor on her right kidney. She has an infection. She has a heart murmur too and she is anemic.

She sleeps all the time, 24/7, except to eat and go to the toilet. She spends all her time outside in a garden; day and night. She sleeps in the middle of the garden and it is a communal garden.

I have difficulty waking her sometimes. She seems dead sometimes but she is not. She drinks a lot probably because she has kidney failure.

She also has dementia. She recognises me but is not the same cat that I knew. I love her the same though.
Binnie. I love you.

I wonder why she stays out all the time. I think she is going back to her roots, to nature to die.

One day I will wake up and she will be dead. The weather is getting cold at night but I can't keep her in because she tries to get out and gets stressed.

The best thing for her and me is that she does die on that lawn one night. I have made contact with a cremation service that is not too far away. Her ashes will be placed in an urn that contains the ashes of my previous lady cat, Missie. I loved Missie dearly. When I die my ashes will be placed with the ashes of all my cats, mixed together and I haven't decided what will happen to those ashes.

My lady cat is called Binnie. I give her antibiotics every day, twice a day. She is used to it now. I use a pill gun.

Here is a picture of her taken about a week ago (top right). Update: Binnie died 23rd November 2011. She was euthanised. I had to do it as she was seriously, terminally ill on multiple levels and had stopped eating. I had brought her inside and took her out on a lead occasionally. I had her cremated individually so that I know for sure I have her ashes, which are placed with the ashes of my previous cat in a casket....

I loved her unconditionally.

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