Himalayan Cat Picture

Himalayan cat, flame pointed - Photograph copyright Helmi Flick

The Himalayan is a pointed Persian ("Colourpoint Persians"). You will see contemporary (flat-faced) and traditional (doll faced) Himalayan cats. The name is interesting as this cat has no connection to the Himalayas. Apparently some species of rabbits and goats in the Himalayas are pointed. I have not checked that. Whatever you say about the Persian you can say the same thing about this cat breed - e.g. rounded and cobby. The cat in the picture is by professional photographer, Helmi Flick,  and is an American cat probably photographed at a cat show -  a show cat. You can see the extremely long fur, which more or less dictates that the Himalayan is a stay at home cat as the fur might become unmanageable if it gets dirty outside. They are gentle, unadventurous cats. There are 22 different colors for pointing so I won't list them all here but flame pointing is popular. The original colors are: seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point (CFA). These were consistently added to. Other colors were added such as: lynx points in 1982 (popular at 2012) and cream points in 1979. You need a nice secure and calm home. See much more.


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