Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Black and White Cat Stretch Picture

Cat stretch - Photo copyright Astrid on Flickr

This is semi-abstract picture of a black and white cat doing that classic, cat stretch that we all know about. Cats sometimes like to twist their bodies like this through 90 degrees (belly up with head facing horizontally). It must be more comfortable. When I first saw it I was not sure what I was looking at. I like that. It made me look harder. There are lot of very relaxed and contented domestic cats in warm and pleasant homes because I see lots of cat photographs of cats flat on their back, belly up, fully stretched and zonked out (fast asleep). The black and white cat lends itself to black and white photography and this sort of photography. They are bicolor cats, solid and white. The piebald gene causes the fur to be white. You can see the original picture here.

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