Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cat Sanctuary Picture

Cat Sanctuary - copyright All rights reserved by fofurasfelinas

This is perhaps the best cat sanctuary picture on the internet. The other ones by Giane Portal (the photographer) are as good. Giane is one of the best cat photographers on the internet. This cat sanctuary is in Brazil and it is a genuine sanctuary or shelter. In other words these were homeless cats that now have a permanent home in really pleasant surroundings. I have enormous admiration for the people who own and manage the sanctuary. It can't be easy both on a financial level and in terms of simply looking after 300 cats. Giane has given me permission to publish the photograph here. Thanks Giane. It is interesting on another level. You might be able to detect what cat coat types are most common in Brazil from the picture. On this evidence, black or dilute black cats and orange cats lead.

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