Thursday, January 26, 2012

Japanese Bobtail Photo

This is an interesting Japanese Bobtail photo. I have edited the photograph a little and added some text but essentially it is as taken.

Japanese Bobtail

The picture is licensed for use under creative commons - an attribution non-commercial license that allows the image to be edited.  This site earns some money (not much!) from Google AdSense, some of which is given to cat charities, the remainder is for site maintenance. I hope therefore that I have satisfactorily complied with the license. If not please tell me.

This is a nice Japanese Bobtail picture. This cat does have eyes by the way! It is just published a little dark which hides the eyes which is why the picture is interesting together with the pattern of the fur.

I don't know if this cat is a purebred cat. I have a slight hunch that he or she is not purebred because the face is not what I expect from a purebred Japanese Bobtail. But who cares? Nice cat, nice pic. See some professional Japanese Bobtail pictures.

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