Monday, January 9, 2012

Maine Coon Kittens Picture

Ooops...What is going on? Well I thought that this super Maine Coon kittens picture, by the well known photographer Helmi Flick, was better seen on its side for this reason: you can see it larger. The benefit of seeing it larger outweighs the slight discomfort of having to twist your head or computer to one side! Horizontally it would be much smaller.

Do you think Ken Flick (Helmi's cat wrangler) managed to get all these gorgeous silver tabby and white kittens with mitted feet in line in one go for Helmi's camera? No! I have seen Ken at work and it is highly professional work but it is all but impossible to get cats all lined up in these numbers.

Perhaps managing up to five kittens is just possible. The difficulty is getting them all to look in the right direction for a split second. That said, sometimes, you can get nice interaction between kittens and cats. However, there are time limits in taking these photographs. You can't keep trying for ever.

In conclusion this is a beautifully created composite picture of Maine Coon kittens.


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