Friday, January 13, 2012

Picture of a Bengal Cat

Bengal cat looking like a wild Asian leopard cat - photo by roberto shabs

This is not just another picture of a Bengal cat of which there are hundreds of thousands on the internet. I say that because this cat is a fine example of this cat breed and it evokes the lifestyle of this cat's wild ancestor the Asian leopard cat (normally called "leopard cat").

The whole feel of the picture is in tune with the leopard cat. The leopard cat likes to live near water courses where there is more prey. This is a hunting ground for the leopard cat. It is not the only habitat for hunting but their dislike of arid areas indicates a dependency on cover from forests and water where there is likely to be suitable prey such as rats.

The leopard cat kills like the domestic cat with a nape bite and what is really interesting is that the leopard cat uses eyesight and whiskers to capture prey. Whiskers are an eyesight substitute at close range for killing prey as they can feel. The whisker is far more sensitive than you could perhaps imagine. Whiskers should not be trimmed! I guess you know that but some don't.

For people unfamiliar with the Bengal cat it is the foremost wild cat hybrid domestic cat with the Savannah cat. On its creation in the 1960s and 70s, the Bengal cat was a new idea, and no doubt it caused lots of discussion and dissent. Even today (2012) the premier cat association, the Cat Fanciers' Association refuse to recognize this cat as a cat breed. In the UK technically, it seems that you will need a license but in reality you probably don't. This page deals with keeping wildcat hybrids in the UK.

If one is honest that is a tiny bit reactionary. 

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